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30 June 2009 @ 05:33 pm
Just got back from a Chinese buffet. I am stuffed. So much sushi in my system at the moment(D:). Just wished we would've gone to Musashi -- Japanese restaurant. That place is just amazing. Real Japanese people all in that place. I actually felt like I was in Japan(XD). The last time I went I ordered miso based ramen, tako-su, and gyoza. It was delicious おいしいです! We even sat like a Japanese family would normally when eating, seiza style. Though since we're foreigners to them, I couldn't do it(XD). It was a pleasant place, surrounded by Japanese food and Japanese people.

Yesterday I was youtube looking for ガキの使い videos [I love the show]. Then I find a video with their director, Heipo! The man is known for being scared easily as well as a pervert. So I come across a video of him watching 呪怨2. He's just....really silly and random when it comes to being scared.

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